Speaking Engagements

Deliver keynote speeches to managers and executives on how to accelerate leadership impact. 

I have rich experience having addressed several conferences including IMA, NHRD, NIPM and a host of other venues, as also international webinars. Whatever the relevant topic, I can help you connect to your audience who will find my keynote address interesting and relevant. 

I combine unique personal insights and interesting stories and help create inspiring moments that your audience can think about in the weeks and months that follow. 

Executive Coaching/
Holistic Team

Provide individual and or / team coaching. Helping CEO’s, senior leaders accelerate performance and impact. 

As an executive coach I provide presence as a container for what is moving within the client. It is a reflective space. In order to help clients deliver breakthrough performance, the coach must have built rapport, have relevant experience and skill, business experience, and in particular, experience in the specific leadership challenges relevant to client system. 

The focus of executive coaching is to go beyond transactional leadership to transformational leadership. Services are available to CXO, Senior Leaders and those identified as HIPO and on critical succession plans. External Coaches provide a safe, confidential and ‘non judgemental’ perspective, that is not possible using internal coaches

Leadership Team Offsites

Collaborative Teams can be great strengths. However, they must be able to resolve conflicts, overcome mis-alignments and work towards building a ‘team player attitude’ to name a few. I offer customized workshops to address the specific needs of each organization. 

Executives need to understand themselves and each other to avoid the risk of creating truly dysfunctional organisations: most put all their energy into defending their respective fiefdoms.

Through a process of self-exploration, more the ‘inner-theatre’, the workshops will explore the inner drives, purpose and ambition, tap into our emotional intelligence and bring into focus the unconscious forces that dominate our being. 

An ideal executive team should include people with diverse dominant leadership characteristics and will future proof the organization for all leadership needs. This process will lead to the steps leading towards change.

Leadership Assessment

Assess your organizational talent against critical competencies needed to succeed. Use this insight to guide in Selection, Leadership development and planned career moves. Although most organisations have competencies defined for their leaders, the emerging 4th industrial revolution is making it difficult to grasp which critical skills are required now and in the future, particularly for business sector. 

Secondly, the assessment tools are not adequate. Also, we need to assess leaders against various roles they have to take on in different contexts. Finally, the personalities of the followers (and their beliefs, values), the degree of group cohesiveness, and the context(maturity of organisation, nature of task, industry sector, socio-eco-political environment are all key factors in the leadership equation. 

Unless leadership standards are built methodically, deeply and widely, sustainable leadership will not emerge. I will help you make sense of Talent, using both online (aka psychometrics, tests, etc) and offline assessment tools (assessment centres).

Organisational Diagnostics

Using Behavioral Science identify strengths and opportunities, zero in on critical outcomes that matter most, and cause planned interventions and sustainable change for sustainable and superior business performance. 

As a certified OD Consultant, I will support clients, through action research practice, involving the client system, accurate diagnosis of the cross-currents of information that exist within every organisation, using a repertoire of OD Diagnostics tools to asses both through an Internal and External lens:both individuals as well as systems, for generating superior business performance. 

I will also help support intervention approaches at the individual group, Inter-group and Organisational levels as also facilitate as well on  Change management both cultural and Organisational to ensure sustainable change. 

Strategic Facilitation

As business teams periodically engage in strategic planning, using an external facilitator allows the team to participate fully in the discussions. Moreover it allows for an ‘outside-in’ perspective, and higher degree of objective challenge. Invest in strategic facilitation to help unlock true value. 

We provide customised facilitation to deliver to your objectives. I will design and support space and time for team members to connect and collaborate, Invite reflection and dialogue Identify areas of workflow that require deliberation, suggest a process for establishing clear accountabilities as a team, encourage effective communication, clarify how decisions are made as a team. Finally assess, winning ways of working.

Leadership Capabilities

High Performing leaders today need different skills and expertise than in generations past, yet organisations have not moved rapidly to equip capabilities to support lead tomorrow’s workforce. 

High Impact Workshops offered on (2-3 days):

1. Train the Trainer / Facilitation Skills

2. Belbin – Team Roles

3. Unpacking Unconscious Bias at the workplace

4. Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Skills

5. Interviewing Skills 

6. Managing Change in Organizations


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