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Swami Chinmayananda explains three universal laws which I guess those with a scientific mind would agree with

·     Every effect is on account of a cause

·     The effect is the cause itself in different forms

·     If one removes the cause, there is nothing that remains

What is Consciousness?

Consciousness, the state of being aware, is a least understood phenomenon. The dominant western thought is that biology and chemistry combine to create the inexplicable awareness, an emergence if you like. There is much to be considered for this line of thinking, the parts are never great than the whole (Holonic principles), and emergence creates ‘new’ forms, that defy logic, as can be seen in neural networks.

Quantum Mechanics and multi-universe have eroded the notion, long popular that the world is material. On one side you have the inflation theory and ‘big bang’ to explain the origins, on the other Michio Kaku firmly believes unwaveringly on String Field theory.

The study of black holes and singularity confirm that ‘total information’ is never lost. While we have discovered and confirmed the Higg’s boson, we are disappointed nothing else was found!

This brings us to the startling fact: What we see is not what is. Mind you, It is not false or a deception – it is illusory. Akin to mistaking a rope for a snake.

What we are discovering…thru Science

If quantum mechanics is to be believed, then the observer himself is entangled with the observation. Jiddu K, shared, ‘The observed is the observer’. It is believed that all (‘particles’ exist when observed, but are waves when unobserved) are in superpositions. In order words, they have the dual property of ‘exist/non-exist’ (Schrodinger), and each (there are exceptions) has a unique spin (one aspect). In the double slit experiment, the Copenhagen experiment explains ‘wave collapse’ when measurement occurs, and in their potential state are infinite possibilities. For it is a fact that the observer is also entangled with the observed world.

They take on mass with acceleration, given their energy potential as Einstein famously clarified – E=MC2 . No doubt, Einstein was troubled with the issue of non-locality (wherein one state knows the other, even if separated by large distances or time). While Einstein alluded to ‘space time’ being warped, he confirmed that both were illusions.

Where I am going with this is that quantum processing generates physical events and ‘illusionary’ reality with the physical world just being an interface.

Thus at both levels: micro and macro as we peek we recognise that there are unknowns that can be known, but there exists too, the unknowable. I am fascinated with ‘existing knowledge giving way’ – like Euclid to Newton, to Einstein to Quantum, even as we search for the Holy Grail – the Grand Unified Theory.

Thus, some truths (or at least knowable truths) are made true by the abstract structure of the world, the pattern in which fundamental properties and relations are instantiated by fundamental particulars, irrespective of the identity of the properties, relations, and particulars. Haecceitism argues properties have a primitive identity – a ‘thisness’. Again, quidditism argues that the fundamental properties are ‘quiddities’ (or suchness).

Do I understand all this?

No one real does….’Nobody understands (quantum mechanics)’ said Richard Feynman. I am excited with modern scrutiny by science: West started with matter, and discover, matter does not exist in the form we think. East started with Consciousness. Kipling will be proven wrong once again – on ‘The East is east and West is west….never shall the twain meet’

East has clarified on brahman (ultimate reality), maya (illusion), trigunas (basic primary particles that constitutes all. With mooldhara (complete balance disturbed), Prakriti (Energy) enjoins with Purush (inert) to create its 24 evolutes. The fundamental difference is that Consciousness precedes all, Not an outcome of.

Sabda, according to Nyaya philosophy are drstartha (perceptible objects) and adrstartha (imperceptible objects). Indian philosophy explored realms both of the physical and metaphysical worlds. Indian science has excelled in all areas thousands of years before the West grasped this. She invented the Number system, the Zero was invented by Aryabhatta and the decimal system in 100 BC. In the 5th Centaury Bhaskaracharya correctly calculated time taken for earth to orbit the sun. Gravitation was known before Newton. The value of pi was first calculated by Budhayana, who went on to explain the now well-known Pythagorean Theorem. Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus from Sridharacharya in the 11th centaury. Ayurveda, is the earliest school of medicine known to humans, consolidated by Charaka 2500 years ago. Surgery was introduced by Sushruta 2600 years ago. Navigation, originating from the Sanskrit word, Navgatih, originated from sea travel across the Sindhu river.

The first university was established in Takshashila in 700 BC, and students included those from other countries as well. Sanskrit, originating in India, is the mother of all European languages All of this has been possible, as India had a matured civilisation in the Harappan culture in the Sindhu valley 5000 years ago, while most cultures in the world were still nomads and forest dwellers. More recently India was the 4th country to almost land a vehicle on moon.

Why East has not delved on the brain?

I have often wondered why no emphasis in East over 7000 years explaining the brain (neuroscience) in great details. Our Sages simply treated the brain as a ‘device’ – a room, if you like to enter and jump out thru a window. It was at best a launchpad. No need to spend time to examine the ‘room’ describe it, arrange it, categorise it, that was simply not the point. Out there lay the opportunity for delving into fundamental science. Through Dharana (concentration) Dhyana (contemplation) Samadhi (dissolution). Patanjali writes with the precision of a scientist. He does not form hypothesis, he states facts you will experience. He writes for many ‘minds’, each of the chapter will have a different appeal to different temperaments. He assures that the ‘science of the material world’ would also be available, but that’s not the point to. His goal is to guide you to ultimate dissolution – being one with reality.

Winding down….

Back to Swami Chinmayananda: who clarifies that the manifest arises from a universal source, ie Consciousness, that is singular, all that exists is the plurality of the source itself, and it is life itself (read energy force) that creates all, which once removed renders the effects non-existent.

I hope dear reader this article has created a curiosity in you on the wonder of Science and Spirituality. I hope you will explore this yourself more fully.

The outer world lends itself to Science, the inner world to search through Yogic means. In the end, we strive towards one thing: to discover the grandeur!

I would love to hear your comments the most, and I am encouraged by your ‘Likes’ and ‘Share’. 

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