Whatever is happening, happens for the best

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Whatever is happening, happens for the best’ is an oft repeated comment in India. There is a belief in the cosmic abundance and wisdom, and that all events, happens for a reason, be it good or bad, and even though it may seem, like a drawback, or adverse is seen through a more philosophical orientation, that it is ordained and has only positive intentionality for the spiritual you.

Birbal enquired of King Akbar. “What happened, Your Majesty?” Akbar informs him that an unfortunate accident diced his finger off. The other Ministers, unlike Birbal were still praising the king for his greatness and buttering him while Birbal said “Jo hota hai ache ke liye hota hai” (whatever happens, happens for the good.) Offended by the absence of consoling words, Akbar puts him in prison. In the meanwhile Akbar appointed another Minister to take Birbal’s place. As usual, Akbar went deer-hunting one fine morning. Akbar and his new found minister chased a beautiful black buck and before they could hunt him down, the deer sped away. Looking back, they realised they were separated from their army of soldiers and the two were now left to find a way back home. They tried to figure out the correct path when they were caught by a local tribe. On seeing the King, they got happy. They could sacrifice the King’s body and please their deity God. Just when they were about to shred the King into pieces, they noticed his cut finger. For a ‘tampered’ body cannot be put up for sacrifice. They released the king but caught the Minister instead. The Minister was killed as the sacrifice King hurried back to the palace.

On arriving his palace safely, he realized that Birbal was right in every sense. He summoned him and appointed him back. The king said to Birbal, “I now believe that everything happens for our good, as my life was saved because of the cut finger. But, what about you? How can you explain that it was good for you?” Birbal replied, “As you had put me in prison, I was not able to accompany you on your hunting trip. If I had been there with you, the tribesmen would have taken me along with you and would have definitely sacrificed me to their deity, as I do not have a cut finger!” The king was pleased with his reply, and from then on, always consulted the wise minister while making any decisions for his subjects.

The Indian mind, has an instinctive faith in the divinity that lies within. He seeks within rather than out. Yet he believes that the omnipresent can manifest in an outer form or symbol as well. Ever present there is an instinct for balance and harmony, especially between the inner and outer, spiritual and secular, mundane and material. The inner spiritual urge of the Indian mind is not something exclusive, at the expense of the legitimate needs and realities of the outer life of the body and mind. It operates at all levels of Dharma, Artha, Kama and with the final goal for Moksha.

Do you subscribe to this notion as well? Do you have any incident(s) to share? Also, do you believe the pandemic has its upsides as well? 🙂

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