What advice do you have for Anand?

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Anand Patel five years ago, retired as Assistant Chief Engineer, Public Works Department after several decades of exemplary service. At his farewell, he was given an emotional farewell by his colleagues and many shared a few words acknowledging his dedicated service and contribution. They applauded his technical understanding and his administrative skills around projects undertaken.

A year passed by after retirement and one day Anand was approached by a leading Works Contractor, on a lucrative offer to assist him on ‘technical matters’ and included liaison. Anand thought about it for quite a while, but as he had a lot of time at his disposal, he decided the ‘additional income’ would be welcome and so he agreed to join as an advisor.

Over time, the occasions for technical expertise lessened and Anand saw himself being asked to front end meetings with various government agencies. At first, it was fun and it gave him an opportunity to meet some of his former colleagues he had worked with, many of who he had directly supervised. Later, as the pressure increased for outcomes, he found himself becoming increasingly uneasy. Some of the officers would say something to him but later he heard that they were wanting something else, and he started getting even more disturbed, as the initial warm reception turned to lukewarm, and some officers even started avoiding meeting him.

A career built with respect and hard work and competence seemed to be in compromise with the post-retirement role he had chosen. Should he continue doing this job, he wondered to himself. Was this all worth it?

He turns to you for advice. What would you suggest? Please do comment on the post.

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