Rumi – Ask not, What is Love

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On Love

Love Is everything

Its language is silence, not words

The bridge that connects us to the universe

A mirror to see God

It paves its own path

Beyond time and space

Love is a secret that is open to all who seek

It cannot be explained

Yet when one is lit with love

All is explained

Ask no one, What is Love?

Ask this of Love itself.

Love is invincible, conquers all

The mightiest sword that cuts through all

An eternal blazing fire, never abating, forever bright

is not possessive of your possessions or your senses

It only seeks you

It has only one purpose to embrace the beloved

Love transforms all, It is an Alchemy, it changes all

An antidote for all poisons, Lover conquers all

Villains to saints, the dead spring to life

The greatest intoxicant

Without Love no man is alive

Your very breath

Love knows not good or bad, like or dislike

Love seeks the besotted, Love just Is

When Love beckons, rush headlong

Love is faithful, it demands your loyalty as well

Don’t seek it. Simply Love. Nowhere to Go.

Now Here – Love is. So near, It was never lost.

Just drop the wall within, Embrace Love

Love is a journey, No beginning, no end

It is the Alpha and the Omega

When you meet Love, you meet yourself.

Fall into Love, Surrender

Keep falling till you feel the love

For it will take you to the sky

Perhaps your only fault is to stay devoid of love in life

For when one is in Love, all is Empty

Just Love is

And whatever you touch just love remains

Love is that eternal glow that persists

Drink of it fully, don’t stay sober

Go mad with Love. Be reckless with Love

Share Love with abandon

Lose everything in Love


Is pure

Is everything

It is not outside

It is within

Inspired by the many verses of Jalaluddin Rumi on Love. I used translation from Urdu text.

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