Once more-what is your retirement plan?

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Bunty and Bubly

Meet Bunty first. He had retired as a clerk in a small medium size enterprise and lived in a small town where he had bought a small house. Bunty as long as he remembered had a very jovial appearance, was ever lively and enjoyed meeting people. While working, he had long harboured an ambition to be a photographer and had built a small collections of photographs.

Soon after his retirement, Bunty decided to invest in a DSLR camera, which could take pictures and Videos. He also invested in lighting equipment’s and other accessories. He taught himself photoshop by enrolling in a free MOOC course on the internet, and because of his interest he was soon able to attain a high level of proficiency.

Gaining confidence, family and their friends invited him to events and he would bring along his camera and take photographs. His diligent care and attention to details earned him a reputation very quickly.

Today, Bunty is a freelance photographer, and is much sought after in the town for weddings, Corporate events and other gatherings. He enjoys meeting people, and is able to pursue his passion.

Next Bubly

Bubly retired as an accountant with a private company. Her two children were grown up and well settled. While she was working a lot of colleagues would seek her advice on personal financial planning and personal investments. She quite enjoyed looking after finances and investments and would follow the market and regularly read updates on online. She found that with her finance background she had a clear advantage in being able to advice others.

Soon following her retirement, she decided she would offer professional services as a financial advisor and help people in her town to invest their hard earned savings. Bubly was a good listener, and able to empathise and soon had a very good network of friends and clients who would take her help in investment advice. With her reputation growing she decided to also support her clients file their annual Income tax as well. Bubly is very satisfied. She has a strong list of loyal clients who trust her and use her services frequently.

What do these two stories have in common?

1.    It is possible to pursue one’s passion and hobby and make a decent amount of money from it to supplement the corpus saved for retirement.

2.    The professions they choose allowed them to use their strengths: for Bunty, his love of photography and his extroverted nature and for Bunty her knowledge of practical finance.

3.    Both of them were not just doing what they loved, it gave them a lot of joy and happiness and it was fun, even while the service they provided was of value to others.

4.    Last but not least, there were in control of their time, and could engage with work in the leisurely pace they chose.

What do you think: I aver that there are three essential ingredients in choosing a second innings – Fun, Learning and Income. What one more thing You would like to add?

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