A Tale of Somebody, Nobody and Everybody

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A man is struck down by a speeding car, he falls to the ground and smashes his head, the ground slowly gets covered with blood. For a while, Everybody watches, Nobody reacts, Somebody is supposed to do something. This is one scene. There could be multiple others.

We hear about them each day at work and at home and on all social occasions. ‘Somebody’, says one person ‘should do something about this’. ‘Nobody’ seems to be interested in just about anything that requires something to be done. While ‘Everybody’ is waiting forever for ‘Somebody’ to act all the time.

Wonder why Nobody has thought about this? says one person to another. Where is Everybody? Seems to me Nobody and Somebody have taken a solemn oath to stay away with non-acting, while all actions seem to be under the remit of ‘Somebody’.

How often each day, do you use these three references: Somebody, Nobody or Everybody. Who are they really? Do they really exist? Will these three ever act?

Fascinating but these three types of folks live with us ever present in our daily lives. The reality is that we are ourselves part of all three: we are Somebody, Everybody and Nobody. That’s you and me.

When Somebody fails to act, the YOU, that is part of Somebody fails to act. We are responsible for what happens in existence, and we owe it to ourselves to feel responsible to what happens to it and to feel responsible for what is happening or non-happening.  Nobody, is also YOU and I: we choose to stay inattentive to awareness of that which is around us. Yet, the YOU and I in Everybody is to hold responsibility for what happens.

Maybe we need to think beyond the ‘I’ that creates the separateness. We are all part of the universal body-mind: as the drop is part of the ocean. Then through this lens there can be no separation: everything is one, interdependent and inter related in mutual co-existence.

Stay aware: watch each time you use these three words. Become aware of the self-negation. Awaken to your own potency, when you declare: I am responsible!

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