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“If you change the way you look at things, the things that you look at change.”

-Max Planck

I know you want to be happy

Several millenia ago, sages articulated the blueprint for fulfilment. These Purusharthas relate to the four ideal aims a person should have.


Righteousness duty







Working with them helps create a satisfyingly balanced, meaningful life at the most holistic level.

18 + years’ CHRO Experience at Diageo, Jio, Patni, Vodafone, Hutch
30 + years’ Corporate Experience


Professional Certified Coach, ICF, USA

Hi, I am an Executive Coach & HR Consultant and the Founder of Steve Correa and Associates. Clients hire me for my expertise in People and Organization. Over the past 30 years I have worked extensively on these Service areas across Industry sectors. A majority of these have been at Senior Leadership Levels (CXO), both in India and Overseas as also with clients in my earlier stint as an Independent Consultant. Do find out what Clients say it’s like to work with me.

I am passionate about the work I do and continue to update my knowledge practice and Credentials. I enjoy sharing my perspectives at conferences, webinars, media and also by way of my Blogs, Publications and Events.

Lastly, if you haven’t guessed, I’d love to Start the Conversation with you on your commitment to transformation either for Self or Organization.


Speaking Engagements

Deliver keynote speeches to managers and executives on how to accelerate leadership impact.

Executive Coaching/
Holistic Team

Provide individual and or / team coaching. Helping CEO’s, senior leaders accelerate performance and impact.

Leadership Team Offsites

Collaborative Teams can be great strengths. However, they must be able to resolve conflicts, overcome miss-alignments and work towards building a ‘team player attitude’ to name a few. I offer customized workshops to address the specific needs of each organization. 

Leadership Assessment

Assess your organizational talent against critical competencies needed to succeed. Use this insight to guide in Selection, Leadership development and planned career moves.

Organisational Diagnostics

Using Behavioral Science identify strengths and opportunities, zero in on critical outcomes that matter most, and cause planned interventions and sustainable change for sustainable and superior business performance.

Strategic Facilitation

As business teams periodically engage in strategic planning, using an external facilitator allows the team to participate fully in the discussions. Moreover it allows for an ‘outside-in’ perspective, and higher degree of objective challenge. Invest in strategic facilitation to help unlock true value.

Leadership Capabilities

High performing leaders today need different skills and expertise.Help build contemporary skills and competencies (including digital and learning agility) to lead tomorrow’s workforce.



Steve has been coaching me since last one year as executive coach from INSEAD Business School France & Singapore…

– Zulfi Ali Bhutto

  Senior Business Leader in Direct and Channel Sales,

  Distribution,Marketing,Strategy and P&L management

Steve Correa is an excellent coach who can work with senior leaders to facilitate powerful transformation. He has indepth ..

– Nishma Kapoor

  Principal Consultant Talent Transformation and OD Solutions



I know You often wish You could change, but no matter how much you wish: You will not change. For Change, Self-Insight and Commitment is needed. The past really has no power on how you wish to live from now on, unless you collude with it. If you change, the world around you will. 

“You make me want to be a better person”.

Deepest acknowledgement to Late Prof Pulin Garg, ex IIM, Ahmedabad who taught me,

“Man is this and that, and much more”.


What would be the easiest thing to do right now?

10 Cornwell Road, Langford Garderns, Bangalore-560025


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